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You learn the tunes, we form the band!!




Ever dreamt about playing in a rock band?
Always wanted to play a show for your family and friends?
Need an excuse to dust off that instrument you've got packed away?

Well, here's your chance!!

Montreal Jams gives recreational adult musicians the opportunity to jam and perform
with others in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

As long as you can play an instrument or sing, you can participate!!




Montreal Jams provides and coordinates:

  • Weekly rehearsals (2hrs each)

  • Clean, equipped jam space (amps, drums, PA)

  • Fan-favorite song selections

  • Band coach at each rehearsal

  • Instruction on song parts, and guidance on playing together as a band, instrument sounds and effects, arranging songs and set lists, and performing live

  • A live, professional-quality show at a Montreal venue, featuring bands from the current session



How can I be sure whether my playing is good enough to participate?
Simple: if you can learn to play the songs, even in a basic way, then there's a spot for you in the band. Montreal Jams intentionally chooses projects that can accommodate players of various levels. Private lessons are available outside of rehearsal times at an additional cost. Still unsure? Just send us an email and we'll be more than happy to help you out.

I'm interested in joining a project, but my instrument isn't part of the original recordings.
Our goal is to create great versions of great tunes, not perfect-copy tributes. So, if a woman wants to sing a man's part, or vice versa, no problem. If we want to add a keyboard or horn part to songs that don't originally have them, not an issue. The coaches at Montreal Jams will fit you into the band!

What if my friend and I would like to join together?
No worries. You can each fill out your own registration forms, then add a note in the "Additional Comments" section of the form letting us know the name of the person you'd like to be grouped with.

How old do I have to be to participate?
Because the end-of-session shows are held in venues that serve alcohol, the minimum age to register for Montreal Jams is 18.

What if I can't make it to a rehearsal?
Joining a band is a commitment, and so your band will expect you to do your best to attend each rehearsal. However, we realize that life happens sometimes. In such cases, the show must go on! So, if you must miss a rehearsal, just let us know ahead of time so that we can coordinate a substitute if necessary.

Can I join more than one project?
Of course! Participants will receive a reduced rate for every additional project that they join. Just make a note in the "Additional Comments" section of the Registration Form, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

What if there are not enough registrants in my preferred project?
Montreal Jams will work to accommodate as many projects as possible, regardless of the number of registrants. However, in certain cases, too few registrants may result in a project not launching. In such cases, and if there isn't an alternate project that you are willing to join, your registration fee will be refunded in full prior to the start of the session, and we will do our best to accommodate you in the next session.

When is the end-of-session show?
Our aim is to host the show on the weekend that follows the final week of rehearsals, providing the venue is available. Official dates and location will be confirmed prior to the start of session.

What if I'd like to participate once the session has already started?
It may be difficult to fit you in once a session has already begun, but don't hesitate to contact us and if there's space we will do our best to get you in the band.



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Scott Cook

Having started his first band when he was only 12 years old, Scott has been performing for more than 30 years. He has performed rock, pop, and jazz with many talented musicians. He has recorded full-length albums and EPs, and has toured.

Holding a PhD in music, Scott is now on faculty in the music department at Vanier College, where he teaches music theory, ear training, and the history of rock n roll. He has also been teaching guitar to students of all levels for over 15 years. He is the author of Referential Playing for the Guitar: A Practical, and Musical Approach, to Learning the Fretboard (ebook available for download through his website).

Scott currently composes for and performs with his original band, Colonel Sun.

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Justin Saladino

Justin is a guitarist, singer, and songwriter from the West Island of Montreal. He began taking lessons at the age of 6. By 11 years old, he started performing songs by artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Led Zeppelin for large audience. He has fronted a number of blues/rock groups that went on to perform at festivals, including the Montreal Jazz Festival, the Tremblant International Blues Festival, and, most recently at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee.

Justin majored in Jazz Guitar at Vanier College and McGill in Jazz Performance. He has an original EP “No Worries” and a full length album “A Fool’s Heart” under his belt with his project the Justin Saladino Band.

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Known for being a versatile performer, Jim Bland is a Montreal-based guitarist who has been an active member of the local music scene for the last 20 years. Well versed in a range of styles, including rock, blues, pop and jazz, Jim has played with a large range of groups, including Susie Arioli. He has performed at various festivals, has recorded, and has toured all over Canada, as well as in Asia, South America and Europe.  His musical education includes a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance from McGill. Jim teaches guitar and ensembles at Vanier College and, in his spare time, enjoys building amplifiers.




Montreal Jams will host weekly 2hr jam sessions during which participants will play selections from popular rock n roll bands. The session lasts for 10wks, followed by a live performance in a Montreal venue.

REGISTER HERE—space is limited!!


Montreal Jams will host weekly 2hr jam sessions during which the focus will be on learning some of the most popular blues standards, including "Hoochie Coochie Man," "Sweet Home Chicago," "Crossroads," "Thrill Is Gone," and more.



Got song ideas? Always wondered about songwriting or wanted to be part of the songwriting process? Looking for the opportunity to record in a real studio?
Montreal Jams will host weekly 2hr rehearsals during which participants will compose, develop and produce original compositions. The session lasts for 10wks, followed by 2 days in a Montreal-based recording studio.


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